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How it works

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The Smartest Mailbox on the planet

Scan and read mail online, save to the cloud, print or ship. Award winning service. Used by 10,000+ people. How mail forwarding / virtual mailbox works.

Subscribe and Pick a Plan

Sign up, pick a plan and you’ll get a permanent USA street address (not a PO Box). Redirect your mail to that address via a USPS change of address request. Your mail starts arriving at its new permanent home and is available via your secure Antmailbox.


Get a Virtual, Smart Mailbox

In your virtual mailbox, see images of your envelopes and boxes and digital contents of your mail. Read, print, ship, download, save and search for easy, instant access. No more traveling to your mailbox.


Your Mail, Your Way

Keep track of bills, taxes, notices, mail online. Share with your CPA, family members as needed. Simple, Secure and Productive. No more lost or misplaced mail. No ID theft from your online mailbox.

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