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Virtual Address

Virtual Address For Business Or Personal Use

All your paper mail becomes digital. No more visits to your local PO box, post office, or sorting through Antmailbox mail. Access all important documents online, from your computer or smart phone device. Request a scan, shred junk mail, or request shipping. All with just a few clicks!

Storing everything in the cloud, makes it convenient to connect all your favorite business tools such as Dropbox, Quickbooks etc. Label documents just like you would in Gmail, save as a JPG or request shipping of the physical copy. You can even assign users of your company, to manage incoming mail from the virtual mailbox.

World-class security

All incoming mail is stored at our warehouse facility with state of the art security, electronic doors and 24/7 surveillance systems. Your documents are encrypted during all transmission. Once a file is uploaded into your virtual mailbox, you can download it, delete it or forward it.

Our Features

Mail Archiving

Antmailbox Mail stores the scanned images of envelopes and requested documents automatically in your account.

Shredding & Recycling

We are proud that our recycling capabilities help to protect the environment and your identity.

Multiple Users

You can add multiple users through your Antmailbox Mail account, either as individuals or businesses.

Automatic Filters

We help you automate online mail management on a whole new level.