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Virtual Mailbox

Antmailbox smart virtual mailbox

Log in to your online control panel for easy access to all of your mail anywhere there's an internet connection. You will receive an email notification whenever a new piece of mail arrives, and can log in to view the sender, date received, and a full-color image of the front of each envelope.

After reviewing your mail items, you can choose how we handle your mail items. If you want to see the contents, you can have us securely open and scan the letter, which will then be easily accessible from your online control panel. If you need the actual letter or package, we will mail it and any other mail items you request to have forwarded to any address in the world. And if you no longer have any need for the item, you can have it securely shredded and recycled.

Permanent US Mailing Address

Just like you don’t change your cell phone number when you move, you don’t have to change your permanent address, no matter how many residential addresses you may live at. Sign up and get a permanent US mailing address. You no longer need to wait for mail to be forwarded to view and respond to important documents. Simply request to have a piece of mail scanned and a PDF file containing an image of the envelope and its contents will be posted to your account within 1 business day.

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Permanent Street Address

Get a PO box online while maintaining a real street address.

Smart Mailbox

Read all your mail virtually. No paper mess and a greener planet.

No limits

Get mail from all your homes and business(es) or both in the same app.